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Binhminh Investment & Import - Export joint stock company

Binh Minh Investment & Import – Export joint stock Company established on May, 2011. Experience of formation and development process, our company has become one of the biggest company specialize in exploiting, producing, providing and exporting natural stone products such as: Marble, Granite, Polished pepper stone... applying for interior decorating. Our productions have ability of anti-mildew, anti-noise, durability and friendly with environment.

Binh Minh natural stone production is high valuated and known as the variety of color, dimension for local and foreign building such as: Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, etc... We offer to customers the solution for color paving stone, wall cladding, interior decorating by Marble, Granite, Acdoa. The natural material abundant in type, quantity, color, model, human resources and technical workers have a log experience, reasonable labor costs, we’re proud is a reputable supplier, meet the requirements of customers at domestic as well as foreign customers about high quality products, fastest delivery time, competitive price and exporting terms in accordance with international standards. Our principle is "PRESTIGE, QUALITY, COOPERATION, and SUSTAINABILITY".

We have a professional team in manufacturing, processing, monitoring and management of products quality, with perfect services, Binh Minh Investment and Export-Import JSC assert confidently that we’ll meet perfectly and promptly all the needs of customers at domestics as well abroad market.. 

Besides, we also manufacture glass, glass products and construction of civil house, installation and repair industrial machinery, installation of utilities, equipment and machinery supplier. Trucking and other support services for seaway, railway and roadway transport.

Customers will be satisfied with our products and services.



Trade name: Binhminh Investment & Import - Export joint stock company

Hanoi Office

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Binh Minh Stone Manufactory

+ Representative: Mr Vu Manh Cuong            Position: Director

+ Address: Hong Son village, Thanh Son commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province.

+ Phone: (+84 - 4) 3513.885.581       Fax: (+84 - 4) 3513.889.663

Quy Hop Stone Manufactory

+ Address: Tho Son village, Commune Tho Hop, Quy Hop distrist, Nghe An province